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silentflux welcomes you to rounds_of_kink, the community that takes care of all your kink needs.

This community was created to be a laid back challenge comm for those who would like to try out some kink in either their fanfiction or fanart. This comm will contain adult material and possibly some material that you may find offensive. Please be aware of this and read the warnings on the entries.

Membership: Anyone over the age of consent (18 for the purposes of this comm).

Come on in and join in the fun! Kink abounds, and you know you want to play. If you'd like to see what has been posted before, use the Navigation bar in the comm or the following links posted here to help you along in your viewing pleasure.

Rounds of Kink for Newbies


Rules and Guidelines

Browse using the community tags

Masterlists for each round

Archive of Our Own Collection: Rounds_of_Kink

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1. I'll make a post requesting prompts from anyone whether they're participating or not.

2. A prompt can be a phrase or idea or word or lyric. For each prompt, you'll be asked to provide a kink and a number between 1 through 16.

3. Try this post for kink ideas [Compiled by the fabulous eliade] As you can see from this post, kinks are not necessarily sexual :) Just choose whatever one works for you.

4. There is a maximum of 48 prompts per prompter for each round.

Submitting a prompt does not mean you have to participate

What Is Allowed:
~ Crossovers

What ISN’T Allowed:
~ Child porn. Please heed the LJ rules on obscenity! For more specific information on how that affects our comm, see the FAQ POST and ask questions if needed.
~ Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Enough said.

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1. I'll make a post with the submitted prompts that are assigned for each day of the round in these posts.

2. If a prompt interests you, copy and paste the following code into a comment to claim it.

3. Each prompt can be claimed four times (twice for fic and twice for art).

4. To ensure that everyone gets a chance to claim and to cut down on the prompts that are claimed and not written, a person can only claim three prompts for each day of claiming. For example, on the first day that claiming is open, you can only claim three prompts. The next day, if you feel that you will able to complete the prompts you've already claimed, you may claim three more. I don't want this to discourage anyone, but it is a disappointment when a prompt is claimed and not completed for both the comm members and the prompter, not to mention the claimant.

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1. Each prompt is assigned to a day during the round. Please post on the assigned date.

2. If for some reason you're unable to post on the assigned date, contact me and we'll work it out. Do not post a late fic unless it is during the actual round it was claimed for, and please let me know if you will be late.

3. Fic must be 500 words at a minimum. There's no limit on how long the fic is.
However, please try and keep them to a length that isn't going to drag into the next year. ;)

4. Art should be either one large or two smaller pieces. If you're not sure, just email me, and I'll let you know.

5. Now, I hate to do this, but due to LJ's new obscenity policy, PLEASE put a disclaimer on your artwork that the subjects of the art are of age. Otherwise I will lock your post until you do so. Sorry about this, but if we want to keep the comm alive and well, this must be done.

6. Also, I don't care where else you post, if you use it for another challenge or what. But I do ask that you actually post the fic/art in the community. That way it'll make it easier for everyone to find it :)

7. Please use the following headers when posting. Add to when necessary, but at least these things should be noted:



When you post, please be sure to include the prompt, kink and any needed warnings. There may be some material in your fic/art that is squick worthy to others. So label it accordingly.

Also, you are responsible for what you read. If you choose to read an adult-rated fic then don't complain if it contains adult themes. If you are underage in the area you live or don't want to read fics with sexually explicit material in them then don't click on it and always check the warnings included in the header beforehand. Once the poster has ensured the fic is marked appropriately, it is you're own responsibility to make sure something is safe for you to read before you read it. If you don't know already, this comm is for KINKS. We may be broad in our definition of kinks, but most fic is still sexually explicit and there are always kinks that can squick. So please READ RESPONSIBLY.

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Round Thirty
Prompt submissions:May 1st through May 16th
Claiming begins: May 16th
Posting: June 1st through June 16th

2017 Summer Heat Mini-Round
Posting: July 1st through July 31st

Round Thirty-One
Prompt submissions:August 1st through August 16th
Claiming begins: August 16th
Posting: September 1st through September 16th

2017 Halloween Mini-Round
Posting: October 31st through November 14th

2017 Amnesty Round 11
Posting: November 17th through December 25th</b>

New Year's Round 2018
Posting: December 31st through January 31st

Always check out the SCHEDULE TAG for the latest information on scheduling!

Any questions, check out the FAQ Post

If you'd like to affiliate, just ask HERE

Have fun and enjoy!

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~ * ~
If you'd like to affiliate, please comment HERE

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If you would like to take one of these buttons to help pimp the comm, go right ahead. Please copy and upload the image onto your own server (i.e. Photobucket) and use the following code to paste it into your lj:

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Community Tag/List Master: the absolutely wonderful pesha and mickey_sixx
Community Headers: Made by incomparable mickey_sixx, used this tutorial to rotate them
Community Layout: Made by noveltybox
User Info Header: Made by the fabulous sly_fuck
Promo Buttons: Made by incomparable freetodream5
Kinks List: The lovely eliade
User Info Table Headers:mickey_sixx

Basic Idea snagged from springkink, which is a very cool comm as well

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